The Chetana Educational Trust was founded by the open-hearted and incredibly generous Vasant Kothari in 1993 to promote the development of education in India. It continues to support education of Sanskrit language and recitation of scriptures not just in India, but across the globe.

The present Trustees of Chetana would like to thank its many supporters for their valuable and sustained help in maintaining the promotion of education, scholarship and culture in so many needful areas. Your continued support will enable the fledgling Chetana to come of age.

The Trustees

  • Chairman – Mr Derry Curry
  • Secretary – Miss Gabriella Burnel
  • Trustee – Revd. Dr. Stephen Peter Thompson
  • Trustee – Mrs Linda Thompson
  • Trustee – Mrs Aruna H Patel
  • Trustee – Dr Prabhu Shastree


  • Mr Ralph Lennard

So, who is this wonderful man Vasant, whose foresight has enabled the Trust to continue working after his death in 2011? Here are some Tributes to Vasant Kothari:

He was the first lawyer I had ever met, very well dressed, so polite, but more than that, a very friendly person who told me he had worked for the shipping company of India whilst he studied Law. At that time, over 30 years ago, Vasant was a very energetic person. Perhaps Turbocharged would be a better description! After discharging what he called his duties, he would devote himself to Music, Drama, Literature and Good Company. Over the years, people from all walks of life stayed or visited the flat- accountants, artists, dancers, doctors, judges, musicians, mathematicians, sculptors- he was so happy to be able to encourage and share in the final success. He meditated regularly and was my guide in all things Indian, spiritual and philosophical. I miss his stimulating conversations.

Anthony Turner

Former lodger and friend

Wherever Vasant went in India, he gave money. Vasant was a very benevelont man and very broad thinking in his love of humanity. Vasant loved The Nehru Centre and loved the people there, and they loved him. He loved Sanskrit and he wanted to push it but he also loved education. Orphanages and the teaching of Sanskrit within orhpanages were particularly important to him; he also gave money to a leper colony once. I recall the last time Vasant looked at me in hospital before he died and there was a look in his eyes which was “don’t let it go please, don’t let the thing fall.

Ian Murdoch


So that’s why we’re here: to keep the work of the trust going and keep the legacy of Vasant alive.